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Totum Sport has superior benefits including:

Complete Recovery and Hydration

Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up By 46%

Reduces the risk of Muscle Injuries

Eliminates Cramps

Enhances stamina, strength and speed

Sustains Focus

Contains All 78 electrolytes in the correct proportions




A world-only solution containing 78 electrolytes that aids complete hydration & recovery.  Totum Sport reduces lactic acid build up by 46% which increases stamina and reduces the risk of muscle cramps and related injuries.

Totum Sport replenishes all 78 electrolytes lost in sweat during strenuous exercise, keeping you training harder for longer.

One box contains 10 x 20ml sachets.

Why is it different? 

Most electrolyte supplements are filled with junk. Not ours. Totum Sport is a completely natural solution. No artificial ingredients, no added sugars that cause an insulin spike, and no maltodextrin or fillers. So no risk of stomach cramps or digestive issues when competing.

Mens Health Stamina Supplement of the Year

‘Overall Winner’ of the Men’s Health Lab-Approved Cardio Supplement of the Year Award. This hypertonic solution continues to be the supplement of choice for elite athletes.

Informed Sport Registered

Totum Sport has been tested to the highest LGC anti-doping standard which ensures our products do not carry any banned substances – reassuring all athletes around the world.

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Supplied in easy to use sachets.

Recommended Use*:

Take Totum Sport straight from the sachet. Do NOT mix with water or any other liquids. Taking the product ‘neat’ increases absorption rates, increasing the efficiency of the electrolytes.

Take one sachet before exercise, one during and one immediately thereafter for optimum benefits.

Before Exercise:

For best results, take one sachet of Totum Sport 10-15 minutes prior to exercise or training.

During Exercise:

During endurance events, or when training in hot and humid conditions, take one sachet every 60 minutes.

After Exercise:

Take one sachet immediately after performance to rapidly replace all the electrolytes lost during exercise – this final sachet is essential for total recovery. If you take any additional supplements for recovery, such as proteins or carbohydrates – ensure that Totum Sport is taken beforehand to increase the absorption of nutrients in these supplements.

*If pregnant, nursing or on medication, consult a physician before use. Do not exceed suggested dosage. Keep out of the reach of children.