At Bulletproof, we’re always searching for the most premium coffee—because when you drink something every day, you should enjoy it as much as possible. To create our Small Batch line, we partnered with farms all over the world to create the cleanest, most finely roasted, single-origin crops. These rare, distinctive beans from around the globe deliver unique and flavorful brews to your kitchen. Enjoy this limited release while it lasts.


A small farming village in Tanzania, Mlama and its coffee groves are guarded by the cloud-ringed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Despite climate challenges (almost 60 inches of yearly rainfall), the farms here thrive. Growers teamed up to create modern irrigation, drainage and fertilizer systems that help the entire region of crops prosper.

But they’re not just focused on coffee. Mlama farms are environmentally and socially conscious too.

Their place atop the high mesas (1,300 M elevation) grants year-round sunshine, which is harnessed to generate solar-powered electricity for all their farms. Plus, Bulletproof donates 1% of the proceeds from this coffee to Tanzanian schools—helping provide school lunches for local students.

So with every bag of limited-edition Small Batch, you’ll get a coffee that’s unparalleled in quality and some extra karma points too.


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